Manage Views..

After spending too much time trying to find out why the NPM Node details page was taking so much time to load, it was decided that, following SW TAC proposal, to create new views with tabs by enabling the Left TAB Navigation fonction in the new view.

The Node detail page for the device assigned to this new view  ow load much faster then the other ones using the default Node Details view.

I am now facing multiple requests from our users to modify the some other views using this new template.  it is fairly easy when all I have to do it copy my template assign it a new name and simply remove unnecessary tabs but becomes a pain when the actual views have UNDP Gauge or graphs that I need to apply to my new views and customize one by one.

Does anybody know a way to copy tabs from one view to another or a way to obtain a list the view dewfinition ?

All i was able to do is get the List of the View Group names and view Title from the View Table in the database but i cannot find the definition of each columns in my views.

Am I the only one struggling with too many views.

Would it be a good thing to have the possibility to copy tabs from another view in the current one?

Any help you guys can provide will be more then welcome..