supress advanced alert manager firing of old events

Is there a way to modify an alert definition in Advanced Alert Manager, without it retriggering on every element that historically meets the trigger criteria?

Example: I modify an Interface Down alert definition. When I save that modified alert, it seems like it goes back through the event log and refires on every single interface down event that matches the trigger criteria! In our case that can be 1000+ events. I would rather not have to wipe the event log before working on the definitions.

Is there a way to tell the Alert definition to only trigger on 'new' events?


  • From what I understand , if you modify trigger condition or reset condition on an advanced alert - only then it would clear the alerts stored and re-trigger all of them once. There is NO way to restrict it in Solarwinds for now, probably the reason behind it is simple - the alert that was triggered before you modified it had a different trigger condition and it no longer holds good once you modify the same - hence they clear out all alerts that were triggered previously.

    Hope this helps