Physical Server Versus Virtual Server

Hello Thwackers,

I have been reading up on the fore's for using a Virtual Server rather than a Physical server for the installation of Solarwinds Orion products.

I recently upgraded our Solarwinds servers to Server 2012 from Server 2008 R2 - these are physical servers.  It was a totally new install so was a lot of hard work and a big learning curve for me.

I've now read that any Hotfixes for NPM that go beyond version 12.2 are not supported on Server 2012, the recommendation is Server 2016.  It will still work but won't be supported by Solarwinds.

I would like to propose to my manager that if we upgrade to Server 2016 that we use Virtual servers.  The concern from my manager is that if our Virtual environment fails then all our alerting fails!  Does anyone know if Solarwinds have any recommendations or documentation of how to protect against this kind of scenario? or any good arguments for choosing the virtual option over physical.

Any help, info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you