Links to other Maps?

For most of my users I have added a third column to their defualt view which has links (using the 'User Define Links' option) to other maps. This works great but everytime I add a new map I am updating quite a few views to add the new map link. I was wondering if there was a way to just have links to all maps displayed?
  • My method:

    1. Create web page with a list of links in your favorite html editor.
    2. In column three (or whatever) add custom HTML resource.
    3. In custom box add:

    <iframe width="300" height="350" frameborder=0 scrolling=no name="myname" src=YourOrionSite/.../iframe>

    -mylinks.htm is your custom page.
    -src is wherever you put your custom page.
    -width and height adjustment to suit your needs.
    -on custom page you may want to specify 'target=_blank' so links open in their own window.

    Now your custom link listing will show up in it's own little 'window' within an orion view. Updating mylinks.htm with new content is automatically shown in orion. Works pretty sweet. I'm thinking about integrating a custom navigation menu down the left side of some views.