Suggestion needing for monitoring switches

On our Orion homepage and various other network pages we list nodes or interfaces with problems. I haven't found a good strategy for dealing with switches like the following.


We have redundant paths to our switches for failover of devices (servers, SANs, etc). Those paths are always "down" until a failover occurs. So we don't want to shut the ports down. However the nodes for the switches are always blinking red as if there's an issue. Some of the ports are up, some are administratively shut down and some are marked as "down" because of this issue. The tough part is that I do want to know when an up-path goes down and also when a down-path goes up (for example during a failover or someone plugging a device into the switch without my knowledge).


Any ideas?

  • If you set the affected ports to unpluggable it will eliminate the red indicator. Then create an alert to inform you when the port changes state. A custom property to indicate that the port is part of a redundant pair might assist in the design of the alert and would also allow you to design a custom report to show the status of the pairs

  • I assume so, but do you mean  "Display interface as unplugged rather than down"?

    And what will the status change to if plugged in yet marked as unplugged? That marking seems like something that would stay the same no matter what because I did that, it was not automated. Maybe I'm wrong.

  • If you go into web node management, select one or more interfaces and click on edit properties, there is a checkbox to set the interfaces as unpluggable.

    What will happen here is if the node goes down, we won't set it to down, but instead unpluggable.  We typically meant this to be used for end user ports.

  • Thanks. I've started doing this now. What specifically do I look to trigger for so that I get alerted when someone connects something (or turns a down device back on)?


    And do devices turned off (or rebooted) go to "unplugged" state temporarily?