SNMP Community Zeichenfolge bearbeiten / löschen

Hallo zusammen,

leider wird bei der SNMP Einstellung immer das Markierte Feld gefüllt.
(Community String lesen/schreiben)

Diese Information ist aber bei einigen Geräten nicht notwendig, bzw
wenn sie drin steht, klappt der SNMP Abruf nicht.

Wie kann ich dieses Feld oder die "Community-Zeichenfolge" bearbeiten / löschen ?

Es wird leider immer wieder automatisch gefüllt.
Gibt es irgendwo eine Möglichkeit diese/n "Zeichenfolge / String" zu entfernen ?


Community String lesen-schreiben.JPG

  • answering using the power of google translate. hope it did a good job of translating

    so, you can clear out the RW community string value just for that node and save.

    you can also go to Settings > Manage Nodes,

    group by Polling Method = SNMP

    Select all nodes

    click on Edit Properties and clear out for all your SNMP nodes

  • Thanks for your Answer.

    The Problem is, that I can not delete the value, I have to fill the field with an information.

    Without any value, I can't save the settings of the node.

    In the first field I need the string "orion", that is ok, but the second field has to be empty.

    Empty is not possible, with the value "orion" in the first, because the second field will be fill automatically.

    My idea is, that I can delete the string "orion" and after that, I create the string again without a value in the
    second field. But that is not possible, when I choose via drop down the value "orion" (I have two other values also)
    the second field is filled again !

  • It is definitely not NPM doing it. That RW string is not mandatory. The normal behavior is that it lets you Edit/Save the node with a blank value for RW community string. What error message do you see when you select "orion" from the drop down, and then clear the second one before you save?

    Just a guess - It maybe your browser that is getting confused and filling it out as a password?

    Tried from another browser? another machine?