Network Atlas Child Status and Custom Memory Setting

On my DB servers, I have overridden global thresholds for memory as they constantly run 98% and higher. On the Node Details view, there are no child status indicators on the node's status as the custom thresholds are not violated (99.54 & 100% % custom node memory threshold, 99 % utilization reported). On the network atlas map, these nodes are showing warning and critical as if they are using the global thresholds.

Should custom thresholds be carried through to network atlas?

For example:

Calculated Percent Memory: 98.3 %

Nodes.PecentMemory: 98

Warning Threshold: 99.9

Critical Thresdhold: 100

This node is showing warning on the network map, even though the memory is below the configured threshold.

(Orion Platform 2014.1.0, SAM 6.1.1, NPM 10.7)

  • I've encountered this recently as well. I was creating a map of our email/exchange infrastructure and I noticed that my Exchange servers were showing with a "red" status indicator. I momentarily freaked out, checked my nodes details page and noticed nothing was wrong. I dug around a little and noticed the same thing, my custom memory thresholds were not following through into network atlas.

    Bumping this up to see if anyone else has any insight into this.

  • What version of NPM are you running?

    We're currently running NPM 10.7, and I was asked to upgrade to the latest release before a ticket could proceed. I plan on upgrading this quarter, but I have to jump through the standard hoops first. I'm also sort of waiting for 12 to release so I only have to run through the upgrade 1 time.

  • I'm running NPM 11.0.1 and SAM 6.1.1