Custom Node List

Is there a way to list a "description" field, which could be a custom property, on any of the node lists?  I want to list the server and then a brief description of it's function.  For example, I'd like to be able to have something like this.




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  • Yes, I figured out how to sort by the custom properties.  What I'm looking for is a way to add a description next to each machine.  So I can add it to NPM using host name instead of IP address, but still add a description field that shows up on all of the lists within NPM.  Right now the only way we could figure out how to do that is put the description next to the server name in the NAME field for each device and statically assign the IP address in NPM.  The issue we've seen with this is if the IP address changes, sometimes the monitors won't show down if a new machine takes that same IP and has similar resources listed.

    For example, I'd like my servers to show up in the ALL NODES list with the SERVERNAME - DESCRIPTION.  Today, the only thing that displays on these lists is the server name. 


    Hopefully that makes it a little more clear.