How To Fix Your Tiny Window When Adding Resources To A View...

Have you ever created a new view, or edited an existing one, and found the super tiny "Add Resources" window to be annoying? Do you have a decent sized monitor, and want to use the screen real estate more effectively? Tired of guessing at resource names, and/or having to always adjust the columns just to see more of the name?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, well... I feel your pain.

Fortunately, there is a super easy way to fix that problem. A few changes to a few lines, and you will be using all of your screen when you need to add more resources.

But first...



  1. Youngling(Easiest/Most Basic; no coding experience required, no config wizard required, no system restart required, no system downtime.)
  2. Padawan (Easy/Basic; no coding experience required, possible config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/no downtime.)
  3. Jedi Knight (Moderately Difficult/Advanced; some coding experience required/recommended, config wizard required, possible system/services restart required, limited/short duration downtime.)
  4. Jedi Master (Most Difficult/Advanced; advanced coding experience required, config wizard required, system/services restarts required, 30+ minutes downtime/maintenance window recommended, and other things that I do not even know I would need to know, required...)

And but second...

PLEASE don't edit files without backing them up first.

If you see a friend or co-worker making changes without backing up first, please alert the authorities.

Friends don't let friends mod without backups.

Also, please keep in mind, changes made to system files will revert back to default when running the config wizard.

This mod was performed on the following SolarWinds environment/versions: (It may, or may not work on other versions)

Orion Platform 2018.4 HF3, SCM 1.1.0, NCM 7.9, NPM 12.4, DPAIM 11.1.1, VMAN 8.4.0, SAM 6.8.0, NetPath 1.1.4


  1. Access to edit files on your primary Orion server (as well as any additional web servers you have)
  2. A working method to copy text from this document
  3. A working method to paste text, copied in #2 above

Here is your standard "Add Resources" pop-up page when editing a view. (Notice all that wasted space, as well as not being able to see the full name of the resources listed.)


On the primary Orion server (as well as any additional web server), open the following file to edit.


Make the following changes:

To increase the number of items listed per page, change the following:

On/Around Line 16


var userPageSize = 20;

After: (I chose 38, as it works for me, and lists exactly enough items to fill the page. You can choose whichever number works best for you)

var userPageSize = 38;


To enable the fancy mouse line, which highlights the entire row as you hover over each line:

On/Around Line 250


trackMouseOver: false,

After: (This has absolutely nothing to do with the size of the page. It's just a feature I like to enable.)

trackMouseOver: true,

To change the Width of the pop-up page, change the following:

On/Around Line 260


width: isSingleMode() ? 820 : 420,


width: 1600,

To change the Height of the pop-up page, change the following:

On/Around Line 261


height: 510,


height: 1000,


And there you go. Once you save that file, and refresh your page (may have to CTRL-F5 to force new cache), you should see your new and improved "Add Resource" pop-up page... Hopefully, if all went well, it should now be a bit easier to read the rows.


You do NOT need to restart any services. These changes should show up as soon as you save the file and refresh the page.

If you are looking to modify some other standard pages, and you haven't already, please check out the following document:

Adjusting Pages To Display More Stuff

For more ways to customize your SolarWinds environment, make sure to check out this link, by CourtesyIT

How to do various customizations with your Solarwinds

Thank you,