Perfstack and custom bandwidth

Perfstack does not appear to support custom bandwidth settings.

I have an interface to a WAN link that is 20MB.  The custom bandwidth is set to 20MB and is approaching 90%.

When you look at the interface on perfstack, it still show 100MB with is throwing the percentages off.

  • I am having the same issue with a 250Mbps line plugged into my Gigabit port on my router.

    I have the bandwidth command on the router interface set to 250Mbps, and I can look at the Interface Details in NPM and it says:

    INTERFACE BANDWIDTH 250.0 Mbps 250.0 Mbps

    But when I add widgets into Perfstack from that interface, such as Transmit Percent Utilization or Receive Percent Utilization, the chart displays percentages based on Gigabit instead of 250Mbps.

    How can I fix this?