ONPM fails to read interface info

For about a year, I used the Engineers's edition to monitor traffic on all Nortel BPS switches on my network. I start ro migrate over to Orion and the traffic on the interfaces are ZERO.
When displayed the interface details, it reads:
Transmit Bandwith = 0
Receive Transmit = 0
Nortel don't think it's their problem since the previous version works fine....
Any help would be appreciated...

I value your input.
  • The Orion NPM automatically tests the device to see if it can use the 64-bit counters for the interface traffic. In some cases, devices test positive but don't actually provide good data in these MIBs. You can right-click on the interface within the System Manager and choose "Interface Details" to see if it is using 64-bit counters for the interface. If it is, you can use a registry setting to override this and force the use of 32-bit counters.

    I think that the registry setting is in \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SolarWinds.Net\SWNetPerfMon\Settings\Disable 64 bit counters set the value to "True".--HTH
  • Thanks MrSNMP for replying. I did check the interface details and find out that the Counter64 support is NO. However I was able to find out what causes the problem. This is it:
    When I enable an Alert and requires an E-mail to be sent to me, there is a pop-up error on the screen " Email notification server 'runtime error 6 overflow'. As long as the error is on the screen the (?)shows for any interface added for Nortel, Cisco and 3COM. Also the error shows up when I disable an interface forcing Solarwinds to send me an e-mail.
    When the error is clear on the screen, then everything gets back to normal.
    I am still unable to fix the problem.

    I value your input.