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Is there a way to use the web based SSH utility for devices that are not managed / monitored with Solarwinds?  Currently, the link to invoke SSH has a variable for NodeID.  It would be great if it worked by IP Address.

Example link that works for equipment in NPM:

I would like the following to work for equipment in NPM as well as NOT in NPM:

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  • Hi,

    the Terminal.aspx app is only accepting the NodeID as a parameter. So unless you modifiy this, which i do not recommend you need to use the NodeID.

    BUT, you could add the Devices which are not monitored / managed by Solarwinds as an external Node. Just add a new node, mark it as "external" and add the correct IP-Address. An external Node is not monitored in any way, but you have a NodeID which has an IP-Address assigned. Then you can use the SSH-Link.

    An Example where i used the google-dns


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  • Thank you!  Good feedback.  Hopefully one day it will allow IPAddress as well.

  • hello,

    I'd would like to understand how the terminal.aspx script works.  I've got a situation where I cannot SSH directly to a switch (using Putty or any other SSH client) , yet I can do it via the Solarwinds' terminal.aspx script. 

    The root of the problem seems to be the crypto key was not generated on the switch at the time SSH was enabled on it. So, I'm kinda puzzled that I can SSH to the switch via the terminal.aspx script.