Custom HTML: Adding ResourceID=342 "List of Virtual Machines" Detached Source

I am trying to create a Summary view that uses Custom Html to list down Virtual Machines.  I understand that this is easily done under a 'Node Details view' but i need to consolidate all virtual machines of a couple of esx servers into one page that is why i need it in summary view.  


So the question is:

Is it possible to embed "ResourceID=342" into a Custom Html (custom defined multiple netobjects of course) in summary view?  How is it done?


I've tried "<embed src=""></embed>" but this method is a cheap shot and is really messy...

  • Not sure on how to accomplish this via the method you are attempting but thought I would suggest an alternate option...

    Have you considered using a map for this?  A map doesn't necessarily need to be a map as we classically think about it, it could just be some logical organization of all of your virtual systems on one page.

    Then again, maybe I don't fully understand the vision of what you are attempting to accomplish here.

    Just my $.02  = )

  • Let's say i have this Resource below:

    This is taken from a Node Details view page.  I need several of these details taken from several nodes.

    So i need to make multiple lists like this of virtual machines from different server nodes consolidated into

    one custom page.  

    To be able to poll from multiple nodes, I need to use a  Custom Html that is a Summary view.

    The catch is, in Summary view- Custom Html, i don't have access to List of Virtual Machines resource. 

    This is because List of Virtual Machines resource is only available in Node Details view.


    I need a workaround for this and couldn't find any... :(

  • Ah, now I see what you are after. 

    I am at home and don't have access to my Orion system to check but I am wondering if this information would be available in a report?

  • I'm actually having this same exact issue as the original poster but I found the answer.


    You can do this in Report Writter when creating a new report the type of report should be "Historical - VMWare ESX Reports" 

    When you select the fields you'll see a new pull-down "Virtual Machines"

  • I tired that. It works! But how do I get around Normalizing CPU Shares to a percentage value?  There is no format for % of total cpu utilization for a certain machine

  • Hmm interesting since it's getting that value from the WMI of ESX you can't even transform the value of it since it's not a poller.


    I'd open a support ticket for it and see what they say about the issue (then post what was the fix) I haven't gotten that far and I'm still a few weeks away from developing that report fully. 

  • I've managed to create a custom Advanced SQL report, the Historical - VM ware ESX report did not have an accurate value of CPU Shares like the List of Virtual Machines in Node Details of the ESX Server, it had something like"CPU Utilization load" which we really wouldn't give a damn about...

    After exhaustingly playing with SQL statements, i came up with something that's close to the Node Details ESX.  The downside tho, is that you have to create onereport per ESX server:









    Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, 

    100*Virtualmachines.CPUshares / (SELECT  


    FROM VirtualMachines

    INNER JOIN Nodes 

    ON (VirtualMachines.HostNodeID = Nodes.NodeID)

    WHERE Nodes.Caption='THE NODE NAME') AS CPUShares,


    FROM VirtualMachines

    INNER JOIN Nodes 

    ON (VirtualMachines.HostNodeID = Nodes.NodeID)

    WHERE Nodes.Caption='THE NODE NAME'


    All ya gotta do is tweak the "Field Formatting" tab and you're all set...  

    Got this idea from Karlo.Zatylny and made some additional tweaks myself...