How to alert on a secondary node in a Juniper VC

So right now it does not appear to be an easy way to monitor the other members within a Juniper Virtual Chassis, this method works with a secondary device that is a routing engine, in most cases your core switches or edge switches. This method does not work for monitoring members within a VC that is not a routing engine, example your other IDF switches if you have more than 2. In NPM when you list resource on a Juniper switch you can see the Virtual Chassis Port (VCP), enable monitoring on these ports and create and up/down alert on the interface, If the switch is down or missing a cable you will be notified. I will be testing this on a staging setup and will update my post if it was 100% successful.

  • Unfortunately I do not think this will work as you expect. you only have vcp-0 and vcp-1 even in multi-chassis systems.

    You will need to use a UnDP on jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus (.

    which will return something like:

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.0."vcp-0.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.0."vcp-1.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.1."vcp-0.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.1."vcp-1.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.2."vcp-0.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.2."vcp-1.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.3."vcp-0.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    JUNIPER-VIRTUALCHASSIS-MIB::jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus.3."vcp-1.32768" = INTEGER: up(1)

    [this should be a Table poller with the values as an enumeration to you get up/down/unknown instead of numerical values]

    You'll then need to define a custom alert on this custom table poller.

  • as an aside jnxVirtualChassisMemberTable has some more interesting variables, e.g.












    which might be better to give you a better overview of the box, e.g. detect if a member of the chassis stack reboots

  • This mib is available in Junos 16.1 and should provide the information that you are looking for.

    mib-jnx-virtualchassis -> jnxVccpMemberDown