Hi all

We are leading with one situation where the NPM is not collecting informattion as it was programed. Due this fact, we have seen some blank spaces in the historical graphics. This problem only happens when we work (insert/rename/remove elements) with NPM.

We have adapted the MAX POLL/Stats in the Register W2K.

Anybody else run into this ?


  • I had this exact same problem, when adding about 300 elements in one shot. NPM also displayed wrong statistics for devices connected to the same lan segment as the server. It showed these devices as warning with 30%-80% packet loss, which was not true. The web site was also extremely slow and would sometimes time-out.
    Re-booting the server fixed this for me. Everything has been fine since then.

  • There are several things which can cause this. Slow network or too many processes running on Orion server. However, there is a release that may help somehow, the build is Orion 6.3x last June build. This I have running on my Optiplex with 1 GIG of RAM without any issues. Also its a good pratice to restart IIS daily. Write a schedule to perform "iisrest" off hours.