HTTP Monitor Using Persistent Connection

I have a problem with HTTP monitor is SAM and have not been able to figure out how to get this to work. I have been asked to monitor several URLs. When I log into the Solarwinds server, I can make it to the URL and it will log me in automatically with no prompts using my Windows session credentials. When I try to run the HTTP monitor from the webconsole it fails. I have set the AD credentials to match what I am logging into the Server with. Is there some setting I am missing to get this to work. I am able to monitor other similar sites with the monitor if they have a login page, but this URL is just not working. When I do test or enable it I get the (401) Unauthorized.

The Connection Keep-Alive is associated with a Persistent Connection. Look for how Solarwinds might support a persistent connection instead of the one-shot method it is using now.


Thank you!

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