Anyone else getting Wireless AP Status not displaying in emailed reports?

We are running NPM v9.5 and are having the canned Top 10 report get emailed to IT staff every morning.  The report displays exactly as it should from the web console or a browser.  The issue is from the emailed report; the status icons for two categories show the red x and not the icon.

The "Top 10 Wireless APs by Clients Count" and "Top 10 Wireless Clients by Traffic" do not display the .gifs from the canned report.  Not sure if this is a bug or an issue with Exchange not allowign the content.  We did not have to do any tweaking to NPM nor Exchange to get the other icons to display via email.

I already opened a support ticket but was curious to see if anyone else was seeing this issue and if you were able to resolve it.



  • I have not heard anyone else report this, but if you have a case open with support and it is a bug, they will get a defect filed into the system

  • Yeah I opened a case with support and was told that internet posts point to Outlook as the culprit.  I requested the links to the posts as I have not been able to find out why the .gifs would be blocked when other .gifs come through just fine.  Still, if anyone comes across the issue and the fix please post.  -Jeff

  • I am extremely disappointed with SW support.  Was basically told that is was an Exchange Outlook 2007 issue and that SW support could not assist.  When I asked for the info that determinied it was Microsoft; I was told :

    "I am sorry as this is a Microsoft issue I cant send on information but I know you will be able to find the information on any Exchange 2007 Forum."

    So basically, I was told to go search on the Internet for the answer.  Glad we're paying for support.  I couldn't even get a hint as to what information was found by SW support.  I wonder if I'll get a customer service survey sent to me?  This experience left me saying "wow" in a bad way.

    If I find out anything I'll post the answer here for all to view.

  • Jeff, I am sorry you are frustrated, let me ask some follow up questions.  If you send other Top 10's do they come through ok?  Is it just an issue with the Wireless Top 10's?  Any chance you can PM me or post a screenshot

  • Thanks for following up on this.  I have not found the issue or resolution the SW support tech located and have been getting pretty heated.

    Here is a shot of what comes through via Outlook.  The two canned wireless Top 10s do not show the .gifs.  All other content gets diplayed properly in the message.  Also, form the web console, ALL the content gets displayed properly.

    This is the path for the status .gifs that are displaying (the green dots)


    These are the paths for hte wireless .gifs that are not coming through.  Arethe paths correct or should the files be located elsewhere on the server?


    Screenshot of the report that comes through in Outlook:

  • Hi Jeff,

    The path you listed is the correct location of the wireless images. 

    There is a bug in the code that generates those resources and I will submit a bug in our bug tracking system for this to be fixed in an upcoming release.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


  • Thanks Karlo,

    Now I can stop trying to tweak Orion and my Outlook client settings - been trying to fix it for weeks.  Please let support know the status so others don't suffer the same fate I did.  I'm surprised others haven't reported this to suport or posted on the forums.

    Thanks again!