How to troubleshoot "Job Engine v2: Jobs Lost" component from "Orion Server" SAM template

This component monitor was mostly quiet until I upgraded from NPM 11.5.3 to 12.0.0, now I'm getting spikes of 500 to 4k of "Jobs Lost", then it quiets down for a little while.  It's too early to tell, but I'm betting I'm going to be seeing 1-2 of these spikes per day if the trend continues.

How do you determine what jobs are being lost, or if there's something causing an issue that results in losing jobs?  Is there a log somewhere or a troubleshooting method?  Is there a known issue with this in 12.0.0?  I know there's a 12.0.1 already available, but I have to upgrade several of my other modules (SAM/NCM/etc.) before I can apply the patch, according to the new Upgrade Advisor web page.