Thin APs do not show on controller Cisco 5508

Added a Cisco 5508 controller to existing three 4402's and getting Wireless device was not found in database!  on the new controller.  Reading other posts I:

tried deleting and re-adding the controller - no effect.

stopped/restarte Orion Module Engine - no effect

We're doing MS patching this weekend and will reboot NPM server but i'm not holding much hope that will fix it.

Orion Core 2010.1.0, NPM 10.0.0, NTA 3.7

Suggestions, please and thanks...F

  • Hey flipton--

    Is it possible it is a device unknown to the SW database? If so, check out these posts:

    Let me know if this helps you,


  • Hi Marie - I'll check these but the 5508 controller has been on the market for over 18 months, long enough to make it into the v10 NPM db, wouldn't you think?...Fred

  • The controller shows up correctly in NPM as a wireless controller so it's not an unknown device to NPM.  The Ethernet interface are listed as well as buffer data and the SNMP credential pass the test when adding the node to NPM.  APs continue to go missing on the contoller page even though there are 24 connected.

    I have the NPM 10.1.1 upgrade to perform.  Let's see if that affects this issue.  I'll post any results of note...F

  • Flipton--

    Thanks much for the info and for posting back. Look forward to hearing your results.


  • They'll have to wait, the upgrade to 10.1.1 tanked and having trouble reverting to the snapshop.  Forum solutions didn't fix and am working with support now.  No good deed....

  • Thanks for the update. Support will fix you up.


  • You might try creating a custom poller with an OID of and assigning it to the 5508 controller. 

    We had the same problem, thin ap's connected to the controller not showing in NPM and this appears to have resolved it. 



  • First off, thanks  from on old IT'er to everyone who responded or followed this post.  If, in my organization, I'm thought of as competent it's because there are folks like you backing me up.

    I ran into upgrade problems going from 10.0 to 10.1.1 at the end of the process with the web server components/configuration.  Although SW support was persistent and pushing forward towards fixing that problem it crossed the point where starting with a new server and fresh install became the less time consuming solution.  I regret not finding the cause as it may help others but mgmt did what mgmt does and pulled the plug [really can't argue with that, other responsibilities called].

    Short story: installed NPM 10.1.1SP1 [and NTA 3.7], pointed to the db server and all looked good.  Had to delete and re-enter my three 4402 and one 5508 controllers [which didn't resolve the issue before] and all APs are showing up.

    Kicking the tires on this new puppy, checking it out and looking at the new features.  So far, so good.


  • I had the same error when I tried to set up my WLC5508 using snmp v3.  Orion could talk to it, but I got the Wireless device was not found in database! error.  I changed it to snmp v2c, and it found the access points and clients ok.