Network Discovery Results

When I am trying to get into the Scheduled Discovery Results tab in the Network Sonar Discovery page, I am receiving a time out error.  There are more than 150 discovery jobs that don't have automatic import on them.  What value needs to be changed to get to the results to see what needs to be imported and what needs to be ignored?  Is this time out common with a bunch of discoveries?  I know that I need to re-look and the discoveries and how they are being used but have other higher priority things on my plate.  Thanks in advanced.

  • How are you performing the discovery is it for the entire subnet or IP range or IP List ? If possible change your rule - perform the discover on set or IPs or for a range (probably 50 nodes), the issue could be due to few IP's (i mean end devices) in your discovery rule, probably the end devices might not be responding back to solarwinds within stipulated time which is adding the load on discovery and hence its getting timed out.

    Give it a try for 10 devices, use individual IP's, just to check if SolarWinds discovery is working fine and then you can refine your rule accordingly.