Solarwinds HW migration/software upgrade

Hello guys,

First off, I must say what a great resource THWACK is.  This is my first time posting but I have used the information here on occasion over the years and have always found it to be very useful.

I need to upgrade the hardware (current hardware is EoL) of our main server and want to use the opportunity to upgrade the software as well.  We have also one additional polling engine (VM).

Below is the current SW version info:

ORION 2014.2.1

NCM 7.3.2

NPM 11.0.1

VNQM 4.2

NTA 3.11

IVIM 1.10

Database is MS SQL 2012 SP4 (external server)

Packet Analysis version is 1.0

I've seen a lot of the upgrade approaches listed on the forum but I was wondering if there were any other options/factors that may be applicable to this particular situation.

P.S  Is there a way to get Solarwinds TS involved during the upgrade?  They are notorious for not responding in a timely manner to issues :-)