F5 LTM/GTM Monitoring Limitations

I appreciate that some F5 monitoring has been baked into NPM over the past few versions but there are still gaps that require I maintain numerous custom mib polling.

Today the F5 monitoring polls LTM only systems for Virtual Server, Pool, and Node status so lets focus on what is missing on LTM first:

1) Pool Member Status - This is very different than Node status.  Nodes can belong to multiple pools on different ports/etc.  Just knowing the Node is up doesn't guarantee that the server it provides for one pool is up.

2) Advanced alerts for VS, Pool, Node and Pool member status - The website shows this information beautifully but there aren't any built in advanced alerts to say "If VS is down then create this alert action".  Today only items lik sync status, failover status are available.


All of the above plus what is in place today for LTM.  I am not getting any of my wideips, pools or pool member information from the built in F5 monitors.

Not sure if this is already in the works or not.