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I've been deploying and maintaining SolarWinds for the past 9 years and have never had the need to use an Additional Web Server (AWS) in any of my environments.  Right now I'm doing an initial deployment for a new company that will have about 50 concurrent users, and I'm wondering if I should look into purchasing the AWS license and install it on its own dedicated server.

We're still in the deployment phase, with a low number of users actually using it right now, so I'm unsure how to measure the performance gain with a dedicated web server.  Our environment has 2.3k nodes, 60k elements, and 4 Additional Polling Engines (APEs).  For modules we have NPM, NCM, SAM, and NTA.

Does anyone here have any experience with AWSs have any insight into the performance gain you've seen by splitting the web server off from the Main Polling Engine (MPE)?

Things I'm most curious on:

- What's the list-price for an AWS?  I can't find it on the North American Price Sheet.

- Is it possible to stack the AWS with an APE similar to how you can stack APEs with the MPE?

- At what level of concurrent users would a business typically purchase an AWS?

- If the MPE goes down for maintenance does that cause errors in the AWS, or can I reboot the MPE and still deliver the site to users?  Does AWS rely on the MPE?

Thanks in advance on any insight you all might have!


  • Hi,

    You may also refer to this Thwack article for some great points regarding Additional Web Server provided by bogdan.stan@xpo.combourlism_roberts

    Orion Web Server Scaling

    Some key points -

    • Orion AWS is a 32 bit application
    • Each Web Server (as per recommendations) can handle about 20 concurrent users (but it purely depends on what is being presented to the user). You may be able to cater to even 50 concurrent users on a single web server
    • Keep the web load off the Main Polling Engine, as you have a fairly high number of elements - 60000 from 2300 nodes
    • For additional scaling, load balance the Additional Web Servers and keep a single URL for monitoring
    • Use SAM's AppInsight for IIS and apply it to the Web Server - "monitor the monitor"
  • Hi RaviK​, I remember having the discussion during the EMEA Partner Bootcamp in Cork.​ provided some pretty deep insights, so the Kudos go to him on that topic.

    I guess all that info sums it up nicely and as always in IT: the answer is "It depends" emoticons_wink.png

  • Hi @HerrDoktar

    Could you please explain me with respect to load balancing concept in additional web server.

    How it works , as we cant inform certain set of users to use particular url.

    Is there any automatic load balancing feature availabe.

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