Help Request: Proper Monitoring/Alerting for Juniper SRX SPU CPU/MEM Utilization

Hi all,

I have searched around and not found a question quite like this. We have a good handful of new Juniper SRX devices that we are needed to monitor the SPU CPU and Memory utilization for, and trigger an alert if any of them are over a certain percentage. I have found the OID that has a table of the relevant information, For each of these SRX nodes, the amount of SPUs can vary, so naturally the table will as well.

I created a poller with the following settings:

- mib value type = raw value

- format = none

- snmp get type = I have tried "get next" and "get table"

- polling type = node

When I test this with the Orion Universal Device Poller application, it shows the full table of values. When I apply this to nodes and chart it, I am seeing the multiple readings but the column names are very strange as below. What would be the best method to make sense of this and generate alerts on a given SPU?

20 Trend
21 Trend
4 Trend
5 Trend