Quality of Experience 3.0 Beta1 user testing ongoing

We are still looking for QoE 3.0 Beta1 feedback so should you be interested in testing out the new features, just sign up here.

Transport Layer Issues

Utilizing the same probe already deployed in the environment, QoE 3.0 introduces exciting new visibility into transport-layer issues.

If you have ever found yourself in Wireshark trying to troubleshoot spooky performance issues, these new metrics will help you identify the ghosts on the wire.


In this beta we'll highlight the following:

  • Zero Window (both Client and Server)
  • Window Size (both Client and Server)
  • Aborted Transactions
  • Retransmits
  • Retransmit Timeouts
  • Retransmit Delay
  • Out-of-Order packet count

All of these metrics have the ability to impact another new statistic- Goodput:


Sure that interface is saturated, but do you know if it's actually payload data? Analyzing the goodput percentage will flag the issue so you can find the culprit. Response times also high? Perhaps flow control is causing issues. Maybe a duplex mismatch?