Missing nodes in Legacy Manage Nodes view, but visible in new Manage Entities view??

I was working in the Manage Nodes area of NPM yesterday  for working with pollers and UPS devices and all of a sudden all of my nodes I was working on just vanished.  I tried several things to no avail, and then saw the popup window that said try the new Manage Entities view.  Sure enough they are all shown in the Manage Entites view, but not in the Legacy view for Manage Nodes... any ideas anyone??

After searching THWACK I have created a ticket and this thread too!  Thanks in advance.

  • I had the same issue but worse. One node staid in the old view and all the others in the new view. I was informed I had to use the new view because all the new features but I could not find for the life of me the one node that was still in the old view. Had to eventually go through the DB to find it. The drawback of the new view was you could not select multiple devices and edit them in one go. You could do this in the old view. For instance to change the location.

  • Wow that stinks and I hope I do not get that response.  I am fairly new to the admin side of SolarWinds and I would expect much better support from a company of this size and maturity.

    The other weird part is this is only for me, for the other analysts they can still see them all in the Legacy view, so it is seems it is profile related.

  • Missing Nodes Answer.PNG

    So highlighted in Blue is/was the answer to my issue. I went in and added a couple of items by checking the appropriate boxes.

    MIssingNodes Answer2.PNG

    And my items all reappeared.