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Can we alert for SNMP not responding nodes?

Hi all,

I searched about this topic but all are very old so wanna know if we can alert for nodes which are not responding to SNMP.

I have only 5-6 nodes for which alerting is required.

So can anyone help me on this?

We actually had an issue for some devices where they were found in hung state and they had reboot the device to bring to normal. So according to me setting up non responsiveness to SNMP will atleast meet this requirement.

  • I use a custom SQL alert on nodes.


    [status] in ('1' , '3' )

    and unmanaged=0

    and DATEDIFF(MINUTE,LastSystemUpTimePollUtc,GETDATE()) >60

    so if the think stops responding to SNMP polls of it's lastSystemUptime for an hour then we get an alert for it

  • RichardLetts

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the simple and effective query.

    One of our device is responding to SNMP but i'm getting that device in the results for the query you given here, do you have any idea/suggestion on this? what i need to suppose to check?

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