SNMP or WMI ? Never imported or discover WMI

I have to monitor Windows Devices.  It seems there are 2 options to pull data from nodes.

First, SNMP = I have worked with before

Second, WMI = Never worked with before


Why would you use 1 over the other option?

User group states they want general data on nodes such as CPU, Memory, etc…

May one please elaborate on credentials needed as noted below via screen shot?

I am trying to hunt within Orion online documentation so if there is a clear write up on adding into

Orion using WMI please share link?


  • I only use WMI in my environment when I have issues SNMP collection issues. I would use SNMP in the environment. You can write SNMP into the your GPO. The option for WMI is to have an admin  account on the box to use for WMI. The problem with this is that you have to have a different admin account on each box that you need to configure. I do not suggest that you use a master admin account across all of your windows machines for security purposes.