Interface percent utilization report over past x days using Web it possible?

My management has requested a report that shows our WAN links from our Central Office to our Field Offices and they request that the report looks like the Percent Utilization - Line Chart resource in NPM as shown. Is this possible?


  • One place you might start with is the NPM Reports page.  Open it up and search for Utilization.  Of the reports there, find one that sounds close and open it and examine it.  You can easily copy it and edit the copy to show only the time frame you want and filter for the ports in which you are interested.

    I'm hoping your Management doesn't expect all of the data to be aggregated into one graph.  It would be simpler to show a unique graph for each circuit/Interface, and I'm hoping you don't have a million of them.

    Keep in mind that the data, no matter whether raw in a table or graphed in a chart, is averaged over whatever time period you poll an interface.  You can see a significant different between the utilization shown by one port in an NPM chart that's polled every 120 seconds (the default) and another view of the exact same port polled by the Engineer's Toolset Bandwidth Gauge set to display Historic Data in a graph that has polled the node every ten seconds.  Take the NPM info with a grain of salt and definitely compare it to the Bandwidth Gauge from the Toolset. You'll get a feel for how the historic PEAK data shown from polling every 120 seconds might be 30% lower than the PEAKS shown by polling that interface every ten seconds.  There's a significant difference.

    I picked a canned starting report called Current Traffic & Utilization--All Interfaces and edited it to show only what I need.  If you've done a good job being consistent naming your WAN links you can filter to display only Interfaces with specific words in the descriptions (e.g.: WAN).  You could also use the Advanced Database Query and insert the SWQL query from the Software Developer's Kit, or make your own SQL query.

    Build conditions so you're only looking at the WAN ports and not uplinks between L2 switches and L3 Distribution switches or routers.  You can eliminate all L2 switches with the "Add Condition" option and even force the report to only show data from specific L3 devices depending on name or custom fields you've created and populated.


    The sky is the limit, as they say.  Lots can be done here, and it's only one of many possible starting places. You can also query Thwack for the terms you think others may have used when asking questions or uploading their own examples of solutions.  Here's a starter for you:

    Swift Packets and best of luck!  Write more details about what you want and don't want--I bet you'll get a nice selection of options to try from other Thwack members.

    Rick Schroeder

  • You might also be interested in looking over this low-level multi-graph building page I shared a while back.  I still use it, and it's remarkably easy to create and modify.  It can be a bit time consuming if you do it all manually instead of using dynamic queries to only display interfaces that fill a specific need.  There's where your port naming convention comes in VERY handy!

    Rick's Favorite Report #2: Creating Simple Custom Views Showing Multiple Interfaces' Bandwidth Utilization

  • Thank you very much. Based on the links you provided and some reading I was able to find the exact resource requested by my management. I just needed to modify the chart.


    <img src="/Orion/Netperfmon/Chart.aspx?ChartName=MMAvgBps&Title=&SubTitle=&SubTitle2=&Width=640&Height=0&NetObject=I:XXXX&CustomPollerID=&SampleSize=1H&Period=Last 7 Days&FontSize=1&NetObjectPrefix=I&SubsetColor=&RYSubsetColor=&Printable=true&ShowTrend=True&ResourceID=27" />


    <img src="/Orion/Netperfmon/Chart.aspx?ChartName=MMAvgUtil&Title=&SubTitle=&SubTitle2=&Width=640&Height=0&NetObject=I:XXXX&CustomPollerID=&SampleSize=1H&Period=Last 7 Days&FontSize=1&NetObjectPrefix=I&SubsetColor=&RYSubsetColor=&Printable=true&ShowTrend=True&ResourceID=27" />

  • Is it possible to to change the Period to actual dates? I am trying to create a resource that shows data for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th calendar quarters.