need some help with report filters

Hi All

I'm looking to edit the Historical - Response Time and Packet Loss report to give me a snapshot of the peak and average response times for the routers at our remote depots

so I want the entries for midnight (00.00) for a selection of our nodes

I think I want to do something like:

select records where all of the following apply

Select records where Hour of Day is equal to 0 (just this part of the query on its own works fine)

select records where any of the following apply

records where Node ID is equal to 147

Records where Node ID is equal to 148

up to line 5 returns node 147 at 00.00

adding line 6 returns nothing

line 6 is not indented in the way that line 5 is

so I'm a bit stuck now and looking for some help

thank you in advance