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Tell us your "Unknown" devices!


This thread had become too unwieldy at 78 pages in length, spanning across a decade, where most of the submissions had been implemented many years ago. I recently reviewed each and every posting in this thread, verified what had been implemented in-product, and which had not as yet been. I then logged any outstanding submissions which had not yet been implemented to case CORE-9799 where we are tracking them for inclusion in an upcoming release. With that done, it's time to lock this thread and start anew. This time, providing a bit more guidance along the way to ensure everyone is successful in providing the necessary information required to properly identify these devices.

If you would like to submit the SysObjectID for your device so that it's properly identified by Orion, then please head over to our newly start thread at the link below.

Tell Us Your Unkown Devices v2.0

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