Polling Engine

Hi all,

Im having some trouble with my NMP polling engine, even when my NetPerfMon Service still running, my Polling engine is down and by the time we detec this all the statistics are gone.

This problem is happening everyday.

-NPM 9.5.1 SP 1 on a 2K3 Windows Server

-APM 3.1 ALX

-IPAM 1.6 4000

-NTA 3.6 SLX

The DB is other sever with sql server 2005, the actual size of the database is 60 gb

i have a total 1,757 elements.

before i make any upgrades i need to solve this problem because there is no way to assure that if i make the upgrade the problem will be solved.



  • From my own personal experiences with that same problem I am pretty confident that this problem will go away for you if you upgrade.  At this point you are several major versions behind and there have been substantial improvements in the product.

    I would also look into upgrading at least your polling system to Windows 2008 R2, you will get much better performance out of it as compared to Windows 2003.

  • We noticed where Customers started having SQL Connectivity issues where the SQL Server would drop our Connections, which in turn would stop polling. Starting in 10.0 and above Orion NPM now attempts to reestablish connection for all Services and reestablish Polling.