Separate Solarwinds NOC Views

Good morning! I'd like to ask a question regarding separate NOC views for different sites.

I work for a company that has a few sites across the globe and the IT infrastructure is managed by local IT teams on those sites. Currently on our Summary page we have a world map with sites listed and monitored, list of nodes by site, active alerts, last 25 events etc.

As my main concern is our local site here in the UK, I'd like stats for that site only. I've already been granted access to create a network atlas and created a quick basic map of our site. I'd like to then click on the UK site and have the network atlas on there with status lights, top 10 lists of stats etc.

What I'd like to know is:

1. Is it possible to create a NOC view for the UK site?

2. Bearing in mind I am new to the organisation and to Solarwinds, how would I start? (which permissions will I need to request access for this?)

Many thanks in advance!