Groups showing same content

We currently have our company's sites separated into groups, unfortunately when if for example I add a network map into the view for Europe, when I click on the view for North America I have the same content.

Is there a way so that when I edit a group, it doesn't edit all groups?

  • If you hit the edit button on map resource of the group details view there is the box at the top where you pick a map, but look a little lower down and there is a map name format thing where you can pick from a few choices, i want to say they are {ID} {Name} and one other.  If you select one of those then for each group it will try to find a map with a name that matches the option you select, so create a map called Europe and one called North America, select {name} and then the correct map would show up for each of those, or it will say it cant find a map with that name if there are none matching.