Additional ServiceNow integration documentation?

NPM Admin guide has enough info on ServiceNow integration to get the two systems connected, and a bit on using variables, but not much else.

My main question, is there more in-depth documentation on configuration changes that can be made to modify the behavior of the integration after it is established.

The reason for my question: I have the integration working, INCs are being created and updated....ServiceNow Incident resource, when viewing an alert properly shows the related INC...but if an alert becomes true a second time (days later after the original INC had been resolved and closed), it only adds additional updates in the stream of the original INC rather than opening a new INC.    I'm somewhat expecting to be advised that this is expected behavior, but it not ideally how we would like for it to behave, hence my quest for additional documentation on what, if any, modifications can be made to the integrations behavior.