Server Product Name - Universal Device Poller

I am trying to pull some information from SNMP that I want to display on my node web page.  I want my Server Product Name.  I am using the OID - (cpqSiProductName).  I have HP servers that I am assigning to this UnDP.  Most of my HP servers will return the correct answer when I test them.  However, my only options for displaying on the web site are in the form of a Chart or a Gauge neither of which are useful.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can display this information on the node web site. 

  • 1. Edit the poller in UnDP application and under "Show Advanced Options" select GET TABLE as "SNMP Get Type"

    2. Assign Label

    3. change Web Display and select Table

  • The problem is that I am not given the option to select Table under Web Display.  Late yesterday after noon I did finally figure out what I need to do.  As I searched for the answer to this issue, I kept seeing references to a Universal Device Poller Status table that can be enabled and placed on the Node Details web page, but I could not find any instructions on how to enable it.  Well, for anyone else having this same issue here is how it is done.

    1.  Click on the Setting link in the upper right hand corner of the web console.  That takes you to the Orion Web Site Admin page.

    2.  In the right hand column of the body of the page at the top is the Views section.  Click on the Manage Views link.

    3.  Find the page where you want to add the Universal Device Poller Status, and select it.  In my case I wanted to add it to the Node Details page.  They are listed alphabetically.  Click the Edit button.

    4.  There are 2 input boxes correlating to the 2 columns on your page.  Work within the box that corresponds to the column where you want the Universal Device Poller Status located.  Click on the plus sign for the column that you want to use.

    5.  A list of Resources that can be added to your page comes up.  There are a lot of sections that are collapsed.  The Universal Device Poller Status is located under Node Detail Reports.  Expand that section to fin the check box.  Check it and click submit.  Here you will find many resources that can be added to any web page that you wish.  You might want to spend some time here checking these out.

    6.  After clicking on Submit you will be returned to the Customize Node Details (or whichever page you chose to add your resource to).  By using the buttons on the right of the column that your are working with you can customize where on the page you place the resource.  Click Done and exit out.

    I hope this will help others who are in the process of learning Solarwinds like I am.