What do you backup...

In regards to the SW poller, what do you backup in case of failure?  We currently backup the entire server but I was wondering what everyone else backs up if the poller were to die.



  • You may want to check out a new product we just released call the Orion Failover Engine.  It covers Orions, but also additional pollers.  See here for more info

  • For us, we don't back anything up on the additional pollers.  They are on VM, so we can do a snapshot, but typically I don't bother.  Everything needed is in the DB.  So if a poller goes down, we just rebuild the machine, then you will have to reassign all of the pollers to that system.  Running the failover engine would (I assume) provide you little to no downtime and not have to worry about reassigning the pollers to balance out - again.