support for cisco channelized T3 cards?

Problem: inteface has been shut down. but it still show down interface in the alarm window.

platform: cisco GSR 12016
IOS: gsr-k4p-mz.120-22.s3

any solution to this?

configuration from cisco router,
controller T3 12/1

  • replace the IOS. I had several problems with SNMP false reporting, and i talked with Cisco TAC, and i downloaded a more current IOS and it fixed everything. You also can use a program like getif to walk the MIB tree on your router and see what the operif is set to.
  • It is an IOS problem. I ran into it myself. 12.2-13 IOS version gave false snmp query results. All my serial interfaces were showing an unknown state even though they were definetly up. Once I upgraded to 12.2.16a I had no problems anymore. You can also run Mib Browser to see what the interface status is also to further troubleshoot.