Cisco ASA High Connection Count

Hi, I'm trying to create an alert when my Cisco ASAs have a high connection count. I created a Universal Device Poller to poll OID (cfwConnectionStatValue) and the poller returns a table with two rows. Row ID 40.6 lists the current connections and Row ID 40.7 lists the highest number of connections the system has seen since the last reboot. That seems to be working fine and I have a nice graph showing my current connections. Now I would like to create an alert when my current connections go above a preset value. Here is the trigger condition I created:

All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)

Custom Poller - Unique Name - is equal to - cfwConnectionStatValue

Custom Poller Current Stats - Current Numeric Value - is greater than - 1000

Custom Poller Current Stats - Row ID - is equal to - 40.6

I can't get this alert to fire even though I have several devices that have over 1000 connections. Anybody else have any luck on alerting on something like this?