Creating Transforms that use multiple iterations of data from a Universal Poller


I have a Dell UPS that I have used "Orion Universal Device Poller" to query OID: to get the Present Consumption.  It is derived by: 

"Derived by averaging the watt second consumption over the past hour. "

To get the correct reading, I have to:

"Use an array of 60 words to store the average watt seconds consumed over the last minute; then, after you have a full hour's worth of data in the 60 word array, average those values to get your Present kWh Consumption meter. Each minute thereafter, update the oldest value in the array, average again, and update the meter."

I created the Universal Device Poller for OID: and can see the "point in time" information.  How do I pull the last 60 entries to feed to the Transform?

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    Well, based on my research through thwack and solarwinds, you can't do it.  I found an entry from NPM 9.x that said flat-out, you could not transform more than the last value, i.e. transforms only work on the current value of the poller you are transforming.  So, the answer is to transform it, tell the transform to save the history, then chart that history and that is as close as I can get.  I have not found were I can pull the last "x" # of entries from the transform history or a regular poller.  The charts in NPM are doing it everytime they update, but I do not see a way to do it short of performing a direct SQL query on the Orion database.  Can anyone tell me if I have to go down that road or if there is a more pragmatic way of doing it?