how to customize tabs at Orion website?

is there any way to change or customize Orion tabs up from menu? I got request to change names of menu tabs to local language and remove some (or all) for dedicated users.I didn't find any particular setting which allows to make it.

Is it possible to remove menu tabs at all or to change their names?

  • All tabs can be customized via SETTINGS > CUSTOMIZE MENU BARS. You can also create your own ones. I am not sure if visible TABs name can be changed though, such as HOME, NETWORK, etc

    Then, you can assign your custom tabs per user/per group via SETTINGS > MANAGE ACCOUNTS > EDIT > DEFAULT MENU BAR AND VIEWS

  • Customize menus is not a problem but my question was about tabs as HOME, NETWORK, APPLICATIONS etc. I'm afraid that they are bult-in module names which can be only displayed or not. There is no simple way by change ane settings to change those names but my hope was if anybody found tricky way to do it emoticons_wink.png

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