(Updated) Another Bounty on SNMP Walks - 250 THWACK Points!

We could use your help!

In order to continue building great device support for a variety of vendors, we need some additional information. I'd like to ask anyone who has one of these devices to use the SolarWinds SNMP Walk Tool​​ to collect the MIB database and SNMP walk data, and then send me the results.

An SNMP walk is a simple way to set up the collection of information from routers, switches, or other SNMP enabled devices. The MIB database will allow us to see all of the OIDs available on the device and the SNMP walk data will allow us to see how those fields are populated. We need this data so that we can build new features pertaining to the devices listed below.

We're currently looking for MIB databases and SNMP walks for the following:

  • Juniper EX2200
  • Juniper EX3300
  • Juniper EX4200
  • Juniper EX4300
  • Juniper EX3200
  • Juniper EX4550
  • Juniper EX2300
  • Juniper EX3400
  • Juniper EX4600

The easiest way to get me the files is probably email. Please send files to jason.carrier@solarwinds.com, and include your THWACK username in the email to receive 250 THWACK points!

Thanks in advance for your help!