Because NPM 10.5 has been released recently we are already working on the next release of NPM. Here is a preview:

  1. Web based reporting UI with new "out of the box" reports with charts
    • Reports that will substitute legacy/old reporting and add possibility to show historical charts
    • TOP xx reports that show charts and detailed information about interfaces and nodes and wireless on the same page
  2. Small improvements and bug fixes (F5 interface polling, HW health polling fixes, adding IP address on interface detail page, and more)
  3. UnDP on maps with thresholds
  4. Sylogs/traps rules & UI improvements - starting on http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/1139

PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!

  • Very nice :-) "reporting"  UI.

    What about

    the  "Performance enhancements (specifically focused on the database)"

    that was moves from 10.5?

  • How bout supporting more wireless vendors?  I'm still waiting for Juniper/Trapeze.


  • Hey, how about fixing SNMP Traps, Syslog, multiple UnDP table correlation, just to point out several long-standing gigantic deficiencies that never seem to make it into a "what we're working on" post?


  • YES PLEASE. We have invested ALOT of my annual (maintenance) budget to Solarwinds products, and this is a area that will cause me to find another vendor if it is addressed very very soon.  Please, for the love of everything IT, review the forums. These are features/enhancements that have been ignored for many years by development.

    I actually had hope that with the acquisition of Kiwi-Soft a few years ago, we would see some improvements, but alas, NOTHING has been done to address your users concerns.

  • In all fairness, I can say on one hand, that I appreciate how Solarwind's is seeking to continuously enhance our view and reporting of the data collected.  On the other hand, I'm completely disgusted with the lack of progress on the more difficult tasks of changing how Orion products actual collect, view and correlate the data in the first place.  All these fluffy reporting and UI features really don't matter so much when so much of the core stuff has long standing issues with scale, proper understanding of the scope of what needs to be handled, and an apparently complete lack of willingness to address the issues.

    Congrats on going public a few years ago, unfortunately instead of taking the funding and hiring developers who understand and can address these issues, you guys spend all the money on an overly-aggressive sales force and fluffy features that show that dev is basically stalling, likely because they don't understand how to address the problem, and you guys can keep stuffing it under the rug and managing expectations.

    For shame, really.


  • I would really love to see some basic improvements to Custom Properties such as having the ability to group them (as requested HERE) and the ability to order them (as indicated HERE).  Considering these are so important to the core of the product having some basic management of them would be incredibly useful.

  • It seems to me that SolarWinds seems open in the front-end section of the business (Thwack) but does little in the back end... Multiple personality disorder? I see many people in the forums asking for complementary feature or redesigns and it does not seems to be taken into account. These features are not caprices, they are needed to get the job done.

    I receive many phone calls, sales calls & follow ups are indeed overly-aggressive, and to me it seems that either a) they don't trust us when we set a course of action or b) they are really hungry. The flood of e-mails & phone calls is really annoying, and I'm almost surprised I haven't had a SW rep knocking at my door yet.

    The products have a lot of potential. I'm not even sarcastic, I truly believe this product deserve its market share, but like any rough diamond it has to be polished before being sold...

    Please make a commitment, like we (still) commit to use your products. Make the next release (10.6) a release that addresses bugs, and complimentary features to keep your customer base. Then with that strong base you'll be able to get releases that attracts new customers with all the shiny gadgets you have in mind...

  • I can't thank you enough. You and planglois expressed my feelings very well. I am saying the same things over and over again for 3 years. I hope they listen but they are (Solarwinds management) designed not too emoticons_wink.png. By the way it is not PMs fault it's their Unchangeable/Undiscussable policy. Poor PMs just can't get pass that barrier to meet our needs. You rock PMs.