Node Details - Missing Machine Type

We recently upgraded some devices on the network. I have tried deleting and re-adding them but it still will not poll and display Machine Type in Node Details.

One example is a Cisco ISR4331

I have tried creating a custom poller but then I lost other details.

Any help would be great, Thanks.

  • If you update the SNMP details (if changed, and your login creds - if needed) and verify of your credentials shows green - simply click on Rediscover. Let that run and within a few minutes refresh and you should see a new device type. The system OID should update.

    If the system OID is not updating then its a discovery issue and check credentials. If the OID changes but still says unknown or simply 'Cisco'  on the machine type you may try updating your MIB DB (mibs.cfg) on your server.

  • Ok, I updated the MIB DB, it had been awhile to be fair. Restarted all services and did a rediscover a few times on that node and Machine Type is still blank.

    * Actually it does say Cisco now, I think it was completely blank before. *

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  • So some progress, but not enough to be satisfied.  I still have many devices showing only as Cisco... and though insights limited, it may open up a few options for the hardware health monitoring depending on your NPM version.

    I would say, add your Expected Machine Type, Model # and System OID to this posting : Tell us your "Unknown" devices!  

    From there cultivate your UnDP's to poll for needed alert values ; or hone the trap and syslog alerting....

    *SW will pick it up sooner or later - actually I think it would be nice to know what two or three people review this to do snmp walks on these devices to then integrate them into the SW Hardware health and other metric monitoring - but that's Switch of a different port number count*