Creating a report to show Bandwidth utilisation over time for a specific interface

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Recently we've been fettling around the Solarwinds Orion report manager, in a vain attempt at getting some useful information out of it about our WAN. We had some training on generating reports, and it seems that the SW products are still transitioning to the web interface (I still prefer the old fat-client). During the training, we touched on some fat-client reporting stuff, but that's already left my brain on some vacation with most of my other short term memories.

Specifically, I want b/w utilisation (in Mbps) measured at set intervals over a specific period of time (say 30 days).

I'm usually pretty good with finding out most of this stuff, but this one has me stumped. I cannot find a report type to use in SW that will give me this information (at least not from the web report builder). There are so many built in reports to chose from, the mind boggles. So I tried them all. None of them gave me this information. I was under the almost disillusioned certainty that this would be the first one on there, as it's something you'd nearly always want to see at some point, right? Specially when we need to see the impact "cloudy" stuff has on the WAN links and internet connections.

Anyway, if someone knows how to build a report that pulls off this info for specific interfaces on specific devices, please let me know!



  • where exactly are you stuck? any screenshots?

    HOME > Reports, Manage Reports, New Report, click on the 'Add Content' button,  and you can search & add for any of the dashboard resources that you see when you drill down to an Interface from the dashboard.

    It will prompt you to select the interface. It will also let you choose Time frame (like Last 7 days), sample interval (every 30 minutes)

  • I'm stuck on which resource to chose. I can get some bandwidth related stats, but then it won't let me select an interface from a device. Or I can get interface stats for a whole device including all interfaces on it, but it doesn't show the right metric. There is such a vast selection to chose from, which doesn't help. Nothing I select gives me what I want so far. I've probably missed something though.

    What I want to know is which resource I need to select to see bandwidth usage throughout a given time period in bits per second. Obviously this requires a sample to be taken at certain intervals and then displayed in a graph. I know that Solarwinds has all this data, I just can't work out how to get SW to present it. Not totally enamoured with the report management interface if I'm honest.

    I want the resulting graph to look pretty much identical to this:

    Obviously it won't look completely identical, as below is a Cacti usage graph. But you get the idea. These are the metrics I want to see.

    Bits per second on the X axis, time period on the Y. Samples to be taken in approx 5 second intervals (this needs to be variable also).




  • The highlighted selections will do the trick for you. It won't be every 5 seconds though as the data is not polled so frequently in the first place


  • This one only lets me select devices. I want to be able to add specific


    It also doesnt seem to like my core switch when I add it. No data available.

    On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 4:33 PM, HolyGuacamole <

  • It does let you select specific interfaces. Just change the drop down from Node to Interfaces and it will let you select a specific interface.

    assuming of course you are already monitored those interfaces. If not, from the Settings > Manage Nodes page, locate your network device and click on 'list resources' and select the interfaces you want to monitor

  • Top man, don't know how I managed to miss that!

    All good now emoticons_happy.png