Solarwinds NPM 10.1.2 Database Restore - partial


We recently upgraded Solarwinds NPM 9.1 to 10.1.2 successfully 2 days back. I also took full DB Backup after upgradation. Today I again took full backup after doing some changes and it was showing me backup size from 10 GB (Last Backup) to 4 GB (Current). I start checking all and found that now the new defaul polling settings and maintenance settings changed and it deleted all the older data (60 days) after daily maintenance summerization.

I called Support number but they said it is MS SQL Server related issue and I should contact Microsoft support. for this.

Any help in getting the previous data along with these 2 days data will be highly appreciated.



  • All,

    I know this is really not a Solarwinds job but still I found a solution which I think should be helpful for others if they stuck in this kind of situation.

    I used Red-Gate SQL Compare tool to compare the tables between current and Archive database and inserted only data from *_Details, *_Hrs, *_Daily tables from Archive to the production database. not to mentioned, this was done without any downtime and I am able to see all my reports back now.

    I hope this may be helpful for some of you...


  • We upgraded from 9.5 to 10.1.2 and had the same issue with the polling settings changing.  Only difference was, it took us a couple of weeks to notice, so reverting to the database backup wasn't an option because then we would loose all that net polling.  I'm fairly certain that it's not a SQL problem but an Orion problem with the upgrade, possibly something to do with the version 10.0 go between that has to be used before upgrading to the final 10.1.2

    I had the same idea for inserting the *_Daily tables in an attempt to recover old data, but decided to run it past support first.  Their response was that it probably wouldn't work and would cause problems.  The reason i'm posting is because i would like confirmation from ravirsc that doing this restore hasn't caused any problems so i can go ahead with mine.

  • Hello beijota2,

    I am not sure about your case but would like to inform you that I took a full backup of Database immeditely after upgrade of Orion NPM to 10.1.2. and then I was able to compare the backup size and tables. If you are also having the Backup available with all the data (daily, hrs, details.) in the new version format (after 10.1.2 upgrade) then I would suggest you to go ahead with the Red-Gate SQL compare tool to insert all the required data which are not available in your latest database (You must ask your DB admin to do this if you are not having in depth knowledge of SQL DB).

    If you are using your old backup (previous versions of Orion NPM) then also you can do the restore but you need to do some testing as below:

    Install the Old version in a test server. restore the archive Database. upgrade the Orion latest version. Now you have the latest updated database with older data which can be used to compare and restore to your production database for Daily (Take the updated DB Backup now before it run the maintenance utility again).

    In all the cased, I must recommend to do your own testing for restoring by SQL Compare tool as I also took help from my SQL DB who was having 10+ years of SQL experience and took 1 week testing on restoring on a test database before we did on production. But no doubt, Prodcution update was done without downtime and no error.

    Hope this helps.