survey request - how are you using "Admin Rights" with your Orion website?

i'm fairly new at using Orion. it appears the website is not exactly a 'portal', in a sense that users can be selective with what they see in their browser once they get logged in. because when they log in to Orion they can not rearrange 'views' or remove 'views' which they don't want to use or see.

so, as a Solarwinds Administrator, how do you handle allowing users to place their own 'views' into their login? do you give them 'Admin Rights' and 'Customize Views Rights' so they can design and manage their own views? yet - risk altering global views for all. or do you design everything for various user groups and discuss with them what will be presented?

maybe i haven't grasped Solarwinds' idea on users rights and the Manage Views concept.

thanks for any feedback.


  • We use the "Views by device type" in our's a very small shop (only 7 of us) so we all pretty much need to see everything.

    But what I'm thinking of in your case may be a combination of views by device type, and account limitations. As far as admin rights go, only myself, and my Manager and Director have admin rights. The other thing I've done is really customize the menu bars. Once you figure out how all the URLs work within Orion, you can make some really helpful new menu bar items- then assign the different menu bars to certain groups, etc.

     The other place I've used the different security checks is on the custom resources I have written. For example, the admin rights also triggers the ability to delete or edit some of the custom things on the node, etc.