${N=SwisEntity;M=MachineType} Can someone explain?

In creating alerts, some of the default messaging includes these sorts of variables. Sometimes they "resolve" to a value and sometimes they don't.

What does the N and M refer to? What is SwisEntity? Why might these not resolve. If later in the body of the message a varible like ${Node} appears, it will resolve.

  • Swisentity is basically "whatever triggered this alert" so depending on the type of alert you are making it could be a node, interface, component, whatever you selected at the top of the trigger tab.  If you have an alert triggering on an interface for example then the Machinetype field doesn't exist for interfaces so it won't resolve.  If you click the insert variable button you can use the GUI to find the correct syntax for whatever object you are triggering your alert on.  The pones that don't include the swis entity part are just an older syntax where the back end did all the navigating for you.  The new syntax is harder to look at but more flexible if you are doing really custom alerting.