Data Collection on switch interfaces stopped when upgraded to release NPM 10.4.2

When I updated to 10.4.2, my data collection on switch interfaces stopped. Any suggestions? I have stopped and restarted all services.

  • Hi Tim,

    I think the best way to have this solved is to open support ticket with collected diagnostics and ideally with wire shark trace from the device.

    Anyway I would check in list resources if the interfaces are properly added on the device and polling is enabled on them.



  • I had a similar thing occur where data collection just stopped out of the blue. I logged  a call for it and Solarwinds had me do the following.

    Log onto your Orion Server as the account you used when you installed the software.

    Re-run the config wizard.

    Start >> Programs >> Solarwinds Orion >> Configuration & Discovery >> Configuration Wizard.

    Select all the Orion components.

    This will re-sync all of the components and start collecting data again.

    You could try it otherwise log a case for it.