Restricting views within Managed Nodes

I have a user group that will only ever place nodes into Maintenance Mode and wanted to scope their menu bar with one view.

The "Managed Nodes" URL has been directly added to the menu bar and user restriction is set to only allow users to "Allow Account to Unmanage Objects & Mute Alerts" ). I wanted the Managed Nodes view to only populate with "Schedule Maintenance" and "Cancel Planned Un-Managed" from the drop down menu.

I have the AD rights and SW Access set up all correct (user is unable to delete, list resources etc) In Red are the two options I only want to populate when user clicks within this page. Is this possible.

Also with this set up I think I have found a bug with creating the Menu Bar this way. Now in "Managed Nodes" and scheduling a node for MM at a future date. Just places the node straight into MM. Where if I open the Node summary page of a node and place in MM for a future date here. The MM sets for that future date and display in the Node Management Tile.

Is there a way of getting nodes to set MM at a future date with this set up.